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Friday. I took the day off for a Friday wedding (my first!). The most complementary couple on planet earth stood under a massive pine tree and said, “I really, really do!” They opened the ceremony with a Supreme Court quote and gifted each guest a bottle of homemade limoncello. They walked out to Bey and decorated the reception area with pictures taken over the past 11 years. The whole thing seemed perfectly them. I laughed, I cried, I harassed the man who ran the photobooth, I did the Cupid Shuffle.

Saturday. A party bus picked me up on the side of the road. (An excellent way to start the day, in case you’re wondering.) a bunch of us set out to celebrate Melinda and her 30 years. Gift bags (with bubbles!), a winery lunch, a surprise guest in from CA, bus dancing to R.Kelly, and I think I remember something about a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake. A REALLY good day.

A handful of miles.
Coffee at the new-to-me Bluelane.
Hunting for vintage Levi’s.
Blueberry pancakes.
My Slow Sunday went way too fast.

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Watch artist Maira Kalman at work, then check out her MoMA book Girls Standing on Lawns.


Watch artist Maira Kalman at work, then check out her MoMA book Girls Standing on Lawns.

Doesn’t look like much but…

Friday night date with a one of the world’s greatest eleven-week-old’s. Snuggly, sweet, and really into stretching—I have so much love for this guy.
Saturday at the beach with my team from the new job. Sandy watermelon, discussions on varying toxicity levels of sunscreen, and sangria. Then dinner and a rooftop view of the super moon.
Sunday morning in Soho (Core Fusion, coffee, and sale shopping). The usual: grocery/laundry/podcasts/phone calls (secretly my favorite part of the weekend). World Cup. Roommate vent session-ing. The end. 

Loved like crazy.

Updates! 8!

1. The new neighb works for me. I love my proximity to Brooklyn Bridge Park + there’s a rooftop and a dishwasher and I think I’ll stay.

2. I’m in the process of officially joining my church. This may sound like a minor thing but as anyone who’s tried to find a church in NYC knows, it’s anything but. I feel really lucky about it.

3. New Job isn’t so new anymore, which is great. I work with fun, smart people and I’m learning new things daily. Thumbs up emoij. (Extra thumbs up for: COOLA Tinted Matte SPF, Folle de Joie, Caudalie Divine Legs, Molten Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash.)

4. I did eight sugar-free weeks. Real talk: there were days I cheated like a pre-2010 Tiger Woods. I had cake on my birthday, didn’t stress about salad dressing, and I’m pretty sure the Rusty Knots I drank toward the end were made of mermaids, sugar, and little else.

As suspected, it was incredible. I felt smaller, more awake, and generally happier. Lesson learned: sugar really does make you feel awful (this past weekend—full of s’mores and ice cream—reinforced that). This week is full on DETOX. Send your green juice recipes if you’ve got ‘em.

5. Summer weekends are all booked up. How did that happen?

6. Marathon training is about to start (ready your Instagram feeds) so I’m stocking up on podcasts. Favorites include:
- After the Jump
- Fresh Air, This American Life, Wait, Wait
- Jess Lively
- WTF with Marx Maron
- Dinner Party Download
- Sometimes: Joy the Baker, Spilled Milk, Design Matters, Stuff You Should Know

7. This past week Mama Sea came into town for a few days of wandering, Drybar-ing, Kinky Boots watching, cheese eating, and Cafe Cluny-ing, and I miss her so much already. 

8. I spent the 4th with some friends in a house on a lake in Maine. Favorite parts: 

a. That it rained poured. Sitting on a screened in porch with coffee and a book, facing the lake and listening to the rain is how I’d like to start every single day.
b. Laying on the dock, watching the stars, talking about plans, and making jokes about loons.
c. Cooking dinners and breakfasts. Hands down my favorite part of group vaca. Someone cuts the watermelon while someone else sets the table and sometimes a pan breaks (but that’s why they make brooms) and in the end everyone is happy and full.  
d. No wifi or TV and spotty cell service means you read, play games, drink too much and build fires. 

Okay! New week! All the green juice! All the to-do lists! Annnnd go!



Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net


Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net

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my heart needs a dog

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